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Female Hijama Therapist

Languages spoken: English, Dutch, French, German, Czech, Slovak, (little bit of) Arabic

NHNF and International Cupping Society; also British Institute for Allergy & environmental Therapy and Quantum Touch Energy Healing practitioner and instructor (regular 2-day workshops)

HijamaPlus was founded in September 2009. Initially to promote health awareness and a healthy lifestyle, especially amongst the Muslim community. Emphasising the nurturing of our health as a preventative and curative measure as well as a religious obligation. We are always in the process of continuing professional development and seeking out the latest information to benefit our clients’ health!

Now, 5 years later we have treated around 2,500 people. We offer hijama (dry and wet cupping), allergy testing and Quantum Touch energy healing (sessions and workshops). Further information about the individual therapies can be found on the website. HijamaPlus has been featured several times on UNITY FM as well as in articles that appeared in Wisdom Magazine, Sisters Magazine and Invazian News Magazine. We are continuously striving to improve our services on every level. Please read the many testimonials on our website. We hope to meet you soon!

Faridah – Main Therapist/Founder of HijamaPlusI grew up in the Netherlands from young age and have lived in the UK for about 7 years. Both my parents were involved in the development of pharmaceutical drugs; my father as a pharmacologist and my mother as a biochemist. The more I knew about the implications of using pharmaceutical drugs, the less it appealed to me and I started looking for effective natural healing methods. Since teenage I had developed a true passion for natural healthcare and I have built up a large library over the past 30 years. However, I had to put off pursuing a career in this field until 2008. When our children were older I had the opportunity to gain formal qualifications in several complementary medical disciplines. I worked in early years establishments for eight years as an early years practitioner in the Netherlands and in the UK and thus have extensive experience working with children, which is very useful when children come in for therapy. For the past 4 years I also worked as an interpreter for the NHS in surgeries and hospitals. You can speak with me in English, Dutch, French, Czech, Slovak, German and basic Arabic.

Sarah – Second TherapistAssalamu Alaykum,I joined my mother after making the whole hearted decision to become a full time Hijama therapist and gaining a formal qualification in Hijama in May 2013. I have always had a keen interest in holistic therapies and health & wellbeing growing up in a health conscious environment. I am fluent in Dutch, English and also currently studying Arabic, previously also having studied sign language for three years. I continuously strive to improve my health and wellbeing by keeping a balanced lifestyle; regularly exercising, reading literature on the subject of self-development, maintaining my spiritual well-being and taking time out to relax. The study of Health & Social Care at college helped set the foundation for my knowledge in the field of health, social care and most importantly; complementary medical therapies. From this and through the various work experiences I undertook, I was a more able student when studying the Science behind Hijama. Thus, it only seemed natural to follow in my mother’s footsteps in helping others through the best treatment for mankind, as it was said by our Prophet ﷺ.

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