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A Comprehensive Manual of Hijama/Cupping Therapy, with a Guide to Biochemic Prescriptions

A Comprehensive Manual of Hijama/Cupping Therapy with a Guide to Treatment, using “Bio-Chemic Prescriptions.”
(A Compiled Manual For; Students, Professionals, Practitioners of Hijama/Cupping Therapy & Alternative Medicine).
Book ISBN-978-0-9933045-4-5.

About the book:
Hijama-therapy is undoubtedly sufficient to treat any disease, but the hijama/cupping therapist can suggest other complementary therapies to a patient when it becomes necessary. In the olden-era processed food was un-heard of as food was naturally grown, hence held its optimum nutritional value. The modern era revolves around the provision of genetically modified food products, which can sometimes starve our body of the essential nutrients, resulting in a nutritional imbalance which leads to many kinds of illnesses.

This book is the first in its kind to merge hijama therapy with Bio-Chemic Remedies and gives complete guidance on how these Bio-Chemic Prescriptions offer the missing nutritional support to the body. It was found from my research work that this phenomenon is due to loss of body salts when the toxic blood is extracted from the body via “Wet-Cupping” i.e. the blood extracted via hijama composes of bio-chemical waste products. Hence these bio-chemic tissue salts will rapidly replenish the lost Bio-Chemical matter, and can either be singularly prescribed OR in combination. The correctly selected and administered bio-chemic tissue salts tend to exert an effective but synergetic action on healing the body for a given disease when used in the correct phases of hijama therapy treatment. Although there are many other ways in which the nutritional losses of the body can be replaced such as: Vitamins & Mineral Supplements, Fruit Juices, Raw & Cooked vegetables, but Bio-Chemic Tissue salts are unique in their action, as they replenish as well as stimulate the body to utilize its lost “Essential Chemical Nutrients”. It can be said that the hijama therapist must exercise professional judgment based on the nature of disease they offer their consultation for, in order to warrant any bio-chemic tissue salt prescription and prior to the administration of dosage to the patient. The correctly selected bio-chemic tissue salts must be prescribed at the discretion of the hijama therapist whether prior to, along-side OR following hijama therapy. At the point of their administration to a patient i.e. of orally consuming them by placing the tissue salt/s on the tongue and chewing; the action of these bio-chemic tissue salts will begin at the tongue receptors. This phenomenon can be simply explained by their potential to have a catalytic effect on our body’s functioning i.e. “They act as a Catalyst by virtue of their electrolytic action within our body”, hence exert a healing effect on disease and fortify the patient’s constitution.

The therapy will enable- “The Suitable” to fulfill a dual role i.e. of a Hijama Therapist as well as a Practitioner of Bio-Chemic Medicine. The treatment with Bio-chemic remedies is a therapy that can serve as an additional Skill, Tool OR Art, in order to help heal your patient. Which therapy has worked? This remains and requires professional judgement but the aim is to heal, just like a destination that we need to get to; regardless of the type of transport we use in the case of an emergency. Every skill that will benefit your patient and lead them towards a cure is a blessing and benefit, to both i.e. The Practitioner and Patient.

The book contains a detailed manual of over 80-diseases treated with hijama alongside the recommended Bio-chemic prescriptions. It explains in detail how this wonderful Bio-chemic therapy works with our bodily system in conjunction with hijama therapy, i.e. from the point of its selection for a given disease, right through to the restoration of an individual’s health, and also contains multiple case-study examples to substantiate its validity. In addition to this, an excellent manual of hijama on extremities has been prepared, which gives guidance to a newer approach in carrying out hijama/cupping with excellent results. In addition to the main scope of this work, much further supplementary material has been added in the 2-separate additional information sections of this book, such as Medical vocabulary, Verses from the Quran for healing and healthy tips for, self-benefit OR for patient advice following hijama treatment.

Book foreword:
Dr. Mughal is a highly dedicated professional in the field of holistic sciences; he is a respectable teacher, lecturer and a recognized professional for his work on the subject of Alternative Medicine. He is also a lead practitioner in hijama therapy and has been a member of many professional organizations throughout his academic Journey. He has a non-stop attitude and quest for seeking knowledge for the betterment of humanity, and devotes considerable time engaged in philanthropic activities in order to aid the Poor & Needy and the unprivileged around the globe. He has contributed much in the write-up of numerous articles on alternative therapies and has written books for both students & professionals.

Many friends and professionals humbly requested work that powerfully combines hijama therapy with another complementary therapy; as a result, the author has introduced “Bio-Chemic Remedies” that can be beautifully combined with hijama to produce promising but enhanced healing action on disease. Dr. Mughal’s tireless effort has been purely to present this book as a gift for all the keen advocates of hijama therapy, and is presented here in an accomplished form. The book is concise for the ease of reading and for the benefit of all its readers; their gratitude in return will be an ample reward for the author.

Professor Hayath Ali: {Physician of Eastern Medicines & Ex-Director of “Al-Hayath”}.

For contact & enquiries:-e-mail:
Dr.M.I Mughal.

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