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Jun 22
A Comprehensive Manual of Hijama/Cupping Therapy, with a Guide to Biochemic Prescriptions

A Comprehensive Manual of Hijama/Cupping Therapy with a Guide to Treatment, using “Bio-Chemic Prescriptions.” (A Compiled Manual For; Students, Professionals, Practitioners of Hijama/Cupping Therapy & Alternative Medicine). Book ISBN-978-0-9933045-4-5. About the book: Hijama-therapy is undoubtedly sufficient to treat any disease, but the hijama/cupping therapist can suggest other complementary therapies to a patient when it becomes […]

Jun 22
“Hijama Therapy – A Complete Manual of “The Arabic Cupping Points” and Practical Guide to Hijama Therapy” by Dr M I Mughal

Book foreword. – Professor Hayath Ali – Physician of Eastern Medicines & ex-director of “Al-Hayath” – 20th February, 2020 Dr. Mughal is a highly dedicated professional in the field of holistic sciences. He is a respectable teacher, lecturer & recognized professional for his work on the subject of ‘Alternative Medicine’. He is also a lead […]

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“We are very impressed with the new, upgraded Hijama Directory website which has incorporated many new features such as an interactive, global map, videos and photos on to the system, which are a very useful tool for both Practitioners and the Public.”” We have benefitted greatly from the service. And we are actively encouraging our HN Graduates to also join the Hijama Directory. . .
Br Muddassar Raja,
Hijama Nation Academy, Small Heath, Birmingham – 16 August, 2016
”Over the years that I have been a member, I found the Hijama Directory extremely useful and well organised. I have been very pleased with the service you offered me over the past couple of years and I always suggest the Hijama Directory to new therapists. Thank you for all your help and for continuing to offer such great service”.
Dr Amal Sayed
The Optimum Cure, February, 2016
Salam alikum dear brothers in the Hijama Directory , we are very thankful for all your good deeds about this wonderful sunnah , you give practitioners all over the world a solid base to help them be able to promote their work, to know each other and to share infos and experiences about Hijama ! My dream is to make this Directory as a strong base to build an “International Association of Hijama Therapists” Inchallah Jazakum Allah Khayr
Aziz Mekouar
Almaghribi Natural Healing Center, Morocco, July 2013.