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Fathima Rizana M. Zakariya

Fathima Rizana performs cupping therapy, religiously known as Al-Hijama, with a medical background in both preventative care and long-term healing of the mind and body. She is based in Toronto and is the owner of both Al- Ihsaan Medi-Cupping Therapy and Beautrix, where she practices the art of hair care and styling, skin care and organic beauty services.

Rizana holds a diploma in Holistic Medicine and is a U.K. licensed practitioner with over 5 years of experience in cupping therapy and accupunture. The Pastoral Medical Association has also recognized her work and issued her a license to practice cupping under religious grounds in Canada and the U.S. In addition, Rizana holds a diploma in hairstyling and beauty from the Toronto Hairstyling Academy, where she is licensed and registered to run her beauty and hair salon in Canada.

Within the last 17 years of her career, she has traveled across continents and performed services in over 4 different countries including the U.S., Canada, the United Arab Emirates and Sri Lanka. She also appears in many conferences throughout the GTA where she willingly educates like-minded attendees regarding the therapeutic benefits of cupping alongside many spiritual advantages.

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  • 26 September, 2023 5:05 pm local time

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