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We are a leading Hijama Profession Association, approved by the GRCCT

We are an approved Hijama Therapy training provider by the GRCCT, CMA and PMA .We believe that trained Hijama Practitioners can practice Hijama Therapy without the need for a medical license.We also believe that Hijama is practiced as a religious therapy, part of Islam, governed by laws specific to Islam.We are at the forefront of setting standards for Hijama Therapy in the UK.We regulate our members to ensure high standards in the Hijama industry and have strict disciplinary procedures in place.We offer two levels of Hijama Training:

Beginners course in Hijama Therapy– This course is a starting point if you wish to practice Hijama “in house” on family and friends, or if you wish to become Qualified Hijama Practitioner and practice Hijama Therapy professionally.

Advanced Diploma in Hijama Therapy– This course is a follow on from the Beginners Course, if you wish to practice Hijama Therapy professionally/open your own practice, or even just to extend your knowledge and practice skills of Hijama Therapy.Advanced students have access to our comprehensive student handbook which includes Hijama points for various conditions.

UK and International Graduates of Simply Hijama can become members of the GRCCT (General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies).UK and International Graduates of Simply Hijama can become members of the CMA (Complementary Medical Association).Graduates of Simply Hijama can obtain a licence from the PMA (Pastoral Medical Licence) to practice Hijama Therapy in USA and Canada at a discount price. Graduates outside of USA and Canada can also apply.Students of Simply Hijama are automatically given student member status.We have negotiated a block scheme with a leading insurance company for our students, graduates and full members who are able to take out insurance through us with our advanced course.Graduates of Simply Hijama can become full members of Simply Hijama for an annual fee.Full Members are placed on our International Hijama Therapy Register.Students and full members are added to Simply Hijama’s forum and have the privilege of being part of a global network of Hijama Practitioners, sharing experiences and helping each other to reach our mutual objectives.  We believe that Hijama Therapy can only move forward in the UK and in the rest of the world if we work together as a team.Being a member of Simply Hijama will give you the opportunity to enrol on our short post-graduate courses for your Continual Professional Development (CDP).The field of Hijama Therapy is continually being updated as we strive to get the government to recognise it as a Complementary Therapy. Our students and full members will be updated with the latest information on regulations and progress.  Students of Simply Hijama qualify for discounted Hijama supplies.

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