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We are CMA Approved Suppliers. This means you can trust the quality of our products and service.

We are the first and one of the largest UK suppliers for premium cupping/hijama cups and equipment as well Remedies from the Sunnah.

We are a small, family-run business that was established 16 years ago in 2006. We have grown organically through the years expanding into herbal products and cupping/hijama therapy training.

We initially began by just selling cupping/hijama box sets and now we offer over 100 products! Customers can now purchase all their cupping/hijama equipment, from cups to disinfectants and more, under one roof!

We have thoroughly tested the quality of cups from several suppliers. Not only did we test them ourselves but we also asked some of our largest customers with clinics to test the cups on a larger scale. We now sell the best quality cups we have found on the market since we began 15 years ago! Our cups are available wholesale online. They can be purchased in any combination from 8 sizes.

We are excited to announce the launch of our new website. We now  offer up to 20% discount on multiple-buys for most of our products online. We ship internationally, regularly supplying clinics as well as therapists and individuals across the world as well as in the UK.

We offer cupping/hijama student discounts as we work with several cupping/hijama training institutes providing discounts for their students.

We source the best quality products and offer them at value-for-money prices. We have lab tested some of products to ensure purity and quality.

We offer a range of natural, complimentary products from organic, certified, stone ground, barley flour and organic, certified ghee to cold pressed black seed oil and extra virgin, cold pressed (with the seeds) Moroccan olive oil. Because the olives are cold pressed with the seed, the olive oil contains the additional health benefits of the seed oil and makes this olive oil unique in its taste and benefits.

We have recently implemented wholesale accounts online for therapists and clinics as well as shops as we have a growing number of stockists in the UK as well as abroad.

Improving peoples health is our goal. Passion before profit is our moto.

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