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We are passionate to help you come out of your pain, distress and health worries.

We have more than 15 years experience in treating patients with hijama. Wellness coaching is a new service. Dr Yusuf H combines his medical experience with Traditional Islamic Medicine to give you a fuller understanding of your health and it's maintenance or treatment that is best suited to your body type.

Hijama / Cupping is effective for pain relief, Menstrual problems, Ruqya and more.

We are known for our special interest in Infertility treatment for both men and women.

We adopt and encourage the aspects of natural medicine that are effective especially in the case of serious infection, life changing injuries, cases of chronic degenerative disease that have gone past the point where it can be reversed with modern medicines and cases where surgery is the only option.

The aim of Islamic Medicine is to take the good and use it to the benefit of mankind.
The Nabi (SAW) has said in a hadeeth to this effect that a Muslim takes wisdom from wherever he finds it so the principle of taking the good and what is in conformance with nature from what is available to us in western medicine or any other system for that matter applies here as well.

The best practitioner will always be the one who makes the most duaa for their patients. By doing this you are admitting to Allah that you cannot cure, you are admitting that Allah is the One who cures. Because of this fikr (concern) and duaa Allah will grant cure to the patient Insha’Allah.

At Hijama Clinic Leicester we hold firmly on these principles.

Dr Yusuf & Sr Abeda


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