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Hijama Nation Academy is a Training Institute based in Small Heath, Birmingham. We offer Live and Online courses in Hijama Cupping Therapy and Islamic Medicine. We also provide services in Islamic Therapies, Self Development, Career advice and Community Outreach. Staff are fully insured, experienced and knowledgable. We have male and female instructors.

Hijama Nation Association is a member of the GRCCT and Lead Advisor in Holistic Hijama in the UK. HNA Certified Hijama Practitioners can join our International Register of Hijama Practitioners and become Registered Members of HNA.

We offer online and offline courses in Hijama Cupping Therapy. HNA Members are trained and certified with an Accredited Higher Diploma (Level 5) in Hijama Cupping Therapy. Our College and students are currently covered by Balens Ltd. Our Graduates were also able to obtain Practitioner coverage after becoming certified. Hijama Nation Association (HNA) is a Self Regulatory, Professional Body and Membership Organisation for HNA Certified Hijama Practitioners (UK and International). It was established to regulate the profession of Hijama Cupping Therapy, monitor Hijama Practitioners and protect the Public.

HNA is a member of The General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies. HNA members (UK and International Members) can exclusively become members of the GRCCT upon graduation and be on their National Register for UK Complementary Therapists. HNA is the LEAD ADVISOR for Holistic Hijama for the GRCCT and Federal Regulatory Council (FRC) which is the UK Government. We follow their Codes and Ethics.

HNA is the FIRST ever Association with a public, International Register of Certified Hijama Practitioners globally. All Graduates are fully qualified Hijama Practitioners with a Level 5, Accredited Higher Diploma in Hijama Cupping Therapy (Dip. HCT).

HNA are also the FIRST ever approved Course Providers to gain licensure for our graduates in USA, Canada and other countries, through for the Pastoral Medical Association. To get a license at a discount from the PMA to practice Hijama in USA, Canada and other countries, you have to be certified by HNA.


We aim to protect our members and make sure they provide a high standard of safety and best practices for patients. We regulate members by checking for Certification and insurance coverage. We also conduct safety checks and disciplinary actions, should there be any complaints from the public. We have a strict Code of Ethics and Policies and Procedures that all Members are expected to abide by. If there are any complaints from the Public, we investigate any allegations.

-FREE Student Membership for the duration of undergraduate studies

-HNA Membership Certificate (Renewable annually)

-Put your Name and Business on our Exclusive HNA National Register

-Continued Professional Development Classes (CPD)

-Membership to GRCCT

-Discounted Membership to PMA

-Discounts on Post-Graduate Courses,

-Lectures, Webinars and Events

-Discounts on Hijama Supplies and Equipment

-Post-Graduate Support and Advice

-Exclusive membership to HNA Googlegroup and Forums

We also strongly promote Best Practices and Safety Policies and Procedures in our practice, and recommend that the NHS works alongside us to implement and establish these, so we can standardise the Hijama Cupping Therapy field. We would like to be part of this working project with the NHS and introducing Hijama Cupping Therapy to the general public and medical fields in the UK and Europe. To enrol, please register here:

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